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Our People
Be someone's sunshine when their skies are grey.

Rev. David and Bonnie Ward

Rev. David Ward and his wife Bonnie founded ReclaimKids in 2005 after spending over 20 years on the continent of Africa in various countries as missionaries. After retiring from being full time missionaries they began to focus on the need of the children in Sub-Sahara Africa where many of their friends and acquaintances had died of aids or civil war. Truly loving the African people they could not sit by and do nothing, their vision for these children has also became the motto of ReclaimKids,”Providing H.O.P.E. for Africa’s children (Housing, Opportunity, Protection, Education)” . David served as both chairman of the board and president of ReclaimKids until Feb. 2014 when Clyde Fox was elected president and Rev. Ward maintained his position as chairman of the board. He has spearheaded projects in Uganda and Liberia and does extensive travel to promote ReclaimKids aided by his wife Bonnie who is also a member of the board.

Clyde Fox

Clyde Fox has been involved with ReclaimKids since 2008 when Rev. David Ward made a presentation at his church he took his first trip to Liberia in 2009. He was greatly moved by the devastation he saw that was caused by the long civil war especially the plight of the children. After his return he immediately began raising funds to construct a new building for the children to meet in at Bernard Farms in Paynesville Liberia. Since that time the building has been built and Clyde has spearheaded other projects, such as sending a 40ft container of medical and school supplies for the children of Liberia. Working with children and young people is not new to Clyde he taught Sunday School for 20 years and has provided security for the Ohio Youth Camps of the UPCI for the past 16 years. Clyde was voted in as vice president of ReclaimKids in 2011 and in early in 2014 he was voted in as president. As a certified welder for the Ohio Drilling Co. Clyde has been able to relay his message for the children of Africa to many of his business associates and they have responded to the need in a great way. Clyde’s desire for ReclaimKids is to provide more schools and medical clinics for the children of Africa.


Daphyne Fox

Daphyne Fox began being involved in ReclaimKids at the same time her husband did. Daphyne strongly believes that the direction of the youth will greatly influence the direction of any nation for good or bad, giving children a safe stable home filled with love, a good education and a solid foundation in values will bring prosperity and stability to any nation. As a tax professional and enrolled agent with over 30 years’ experience Daphyne also knows the importance of a balanced budget and proper distribution of funds. Daphyne became treasurer of ReclaimKids in Feb. 2010 and made her first field visit in 2011. She has been very active in the financial planning of projects and distribution of funds.

Patti Byrd

Patti Byrd has been involved with ReclaimKids since the beginning and became a member of the board in 2010. Patti made a field visit to Liberia with David and Bonnie Ward, Clyde Fox and Eileen Greffard while there she recognized the need for libraries and spearheaded a project to establish a library in Bomi County near one of the schools, through fund raising projects and grants the goal was realized. The library is now open and filled with over 3000 books. Patti made a trip back to Liberia in 2013 to dedicate the library and oversee it’s official opening. The project was so successful that ReclaimKids is looking forward to expanding the building to include a computer room.

Eileen greffard

Eileen Greffard became involved with ReclaimKids in 2009 when she made her first field visit to Liberia. As a member of the medical profession in Colorado she was very drawn to the needs of the children and women of Africa, there was a building there for a clinic but it was unopened because of lack of funds and supplies. Eileen spearheaded the project to equip and help fund the start of the clinic. A well and generator were provided and a container full of medical equipment and supplies were sent to Liberia. Eileen continues to seek out medical supplies and equipment for the clinic and there are plans to add a surgical wing to the existing building. Recently the government upgraded the clinic to a medical unit the next step would be an official hospital.


Jim Kattell

Jim Kattell is the newest member of the ReclaimKids board and as yet has not made a field visit but is very passionate about the work of ReclaimKids and gives a great deal of support to the projects. Jim does research to help locate items needed for the work in Africa and hopes to make a field visit soon.