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10 to the 6th Kickoff Project News – Montrose Colorado

Saturday, January 16th, 2010
10 to the 6th Kickoff - Colorado

10 to the 6th Kickoff - Colorado

Ten teenagers (okay, one of them is 22) from Montrose Colorado gathered to find out more about how to help the African Orphan children and they raised $30 in one night, enough to send an African orphan child to school and provide them with food each day FOR A MONTH.

Around the country RelclaimKids kicked off it’s 10 to the 6th campain to engage US youth in helping the children of Africa and raising scholarship funds for US youth to go on orphan relieve projects in Africa.  Each person brought $1 to a screening of the new ReclaimKids DVD


Montrose-SittingThey are each going to go find 10 friends to do the same, that is 10 to the 2nd…keep that going just 6 times and you have $1 Million. 


That would feed, cloth and school 10’s of thousands of African children and provide 100 US kids with the opportunity to go to Africa and work with the children. directly….very life changing for our own kids as well as the Africans.