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Liberian Library Project News

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Here is the temporary library where we gather and mark all the books we have received for the library.  Thanks to all who donated the 1200 books we have so far!!!  Thanks to the kids who have helped with library setup.

Kids Helping the Liberian Library

Kids Helping the Liberian Library Temporary Liberian Library

Bomi Hills Liberia Library Project

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

UNICEF reports that 48% of Liberian adults and 30% of youth ages 15-24 are illiterate

Little Liberian Girl Reading

Little Liberian Girl Reading

Bomi Library Flyer

Book List

On our recent ReclaimKids trip to Liberia we noticed the extreme lack of books everywhere, including on the desks of teachers and school children. The teachers write on the board and the children copy it down and information is therefore limited to what the teacher can remember.  Books are very prized in Africa where the cost of a single book might represent a month’s salary. For this reason, ReclaimKids wishes to establish a community library in the remote area of Bomi Hills where local community members have donated furniture, property and labor to build a small building.

We have collected over 1200 books for the people of Bomi and a foundation has been laid for the 400 square foot cinder block building.  Please download the Bomi Library flyer attached for project information.  Click here to download a list of book African literature that would be much appreciated to suppliment books with Western orientation.  Below is general list of items needed. Books should reflect the average Liberian reading level of 6-8th grade.

Thank you very much for your support of this project for the fine, hospitable people of Liberia.

Bomi Library Project Sponsor
Patricia Byrd


  • Reference Books & atlases (post 1990)
  • Maps
  • Reference Books on Africa (geography is better than political)
  • Books on the African Childrens Book list
  • Please avoid books that reflect on the wars in Liberia or any negative information about Africa.

Bomi Hills Library Project

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Library Project

ReclaimKids, a US-based non-profit serving the children of Africa, adopts the Bomi Hills Community Library project as an extension to current orphan housing and schooling projects operating in Bomi Hills; a rural, war ravaged area of Liberia.

ReclaimKids partners with Liberian NGO, Apostolic Relief Services (ARS) with 25 years of relationship tenure and experience managing African humanitarian projects.  The Bomi Hills Community Library, with an initial collection of 1200 books, will be built on a school campus where ReclaimKids currently manages orphan schooling and housing projects.