Paynesville Medical Clinic Project

UNICEF reports that 1 out of every 4 children in Liberia will not see their 5th birthday. About half of all births in Liberia are unattended by any medical professional resulting in high infant and maternal mortality rates.  Affordable, rural clinics are greatly needed for the Liberians still recovering from 14 years of war.

Download Paynesville Medical Clinic flyer

On the recent ReclaimKids trip to Liberia, we encountered individuals much in need for medical attention but with few options they could readily access and afford. Typically people have to travel long distances on foot for health care treatment, but either cannot endure the journey or afford the cost.  The NGO in Liberia with whom ReclaimKids partners, Apostolic Relief Services, has built a medical clinic in the rural area of Paynesville. In this community, the need is large and people are desperate. This clinic will provide affordable health care to the community and surrounding areas. The primary goal is to decrease infant and child mortality as well as treating long term illnesses and diseases. The people in Paynesville are visiting the clinic daily in anticipation.

We are looking for individuals, hospitals or companies to donate the following:

  • Medical supplies
  • Medications
  • Hospital equipment
  • Funds to complete the electrical and plumbing components

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