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Paynesville Youth Center

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On a recent trip to Liberia the ReclaimKids team visited a small structure where 50-80 children congregate nearly every day to play and learn while their parents are away at work. This is a community where the cost of daycare is out of the question for most parents so many children are left alone or with very young siblings while their parents work. The Kamara’s, concerned community members that care about the children, built a simple structure with walls made of thin, woven mats and each day the children congregate and Mother Comfort Kamara provides what she can in the way of learning, love and protection for the children. She teaches them songs, how to read and write Bible verses as well as teaching them national pride through the study of Liberian patriotic information and history.

During the months of rain from April to September, it is very difficult for the children to meet in this structure with little protection from the elements and the children spend these months without the nurture and protection provided by the Kamaras.

ReclaimKids seeks to provide a permanent cinder-block shelter for the work of the Kamara’s to serve the needs of the children in the Paynesville community.

Thank you for your interest in participating in this project. For further information, contact Clyde Fox at

For complete project details, download the Paynesville Youth Center project flyer here: Part1 Part2

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