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Dedication to Help!

ReclaimKids was formed in 2005, and is incorporated in the state of Ohio. ReclaimKids has 501c3 status with the IRS. It was founded for the purpose of giving assistance to needy people, primarily in the developing nations. The focus of our efforts is directed at widows and orphans, with the model of attempting to put together family style units. With the motto of giving assistance in areas of Health, Opportunity, Protection and Education, ReclaimKids works to foster HOPE to those locked in grinding poverty and the disassociation caused through war, disease and natural disasters.

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ReclaimKids is dedicated to making a difference. We have strong conviction change can come to these small children who deserve a chance for brighter futures. Our efforts can continue to remain relevant with the generous donations from people like you. People who believe they can make a difference. Please find it in your heart to donate to our cause and keep our mission thriving. Pledge now. Thank you!

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Building Schools
Change Through Education
Medical Clinic
Preventing and Curing Disease
Family Centered Orphanages


Our first school project was in 2005 in Uganda where ReclaimKids paid school fees...from there, things grew!

ReclaimKids not only donated the funds to pay school fees, we further gave assistance by shipping containers of school supplies. This school has since grown to have about one thousand students and has developed into a highly qualified institution, serving the community around it by accepting student of widely varied demographic orientations, including Muslims, Hindus, Christians and varied racial and economic constituents.

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Health / Medical

Our efforts have been concentrated in the African nations of Uganda and Liberia. We are looking to expand.

ReclaimKids has been extremely dedicated to obtaining and shipping much needed medical supplies to the areas that need it most. We have given support to a health clinic by providing for a well, water storage, electric generator etc., as well as much needed health equipment, diagnostic equipment and furniture.

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Medical Clinics


Medical Supplies


Families being treated


Duplex Home

Building and operating safe environments for the orphaned kids of Africa is a monumental achievement.

ReclaimKids housed orphans, first by renting and then we built an orphan home in Adjumani, northern Uganda. We built a duplex home in Bomi Hills, Liberia. This home is now complete and awaiting the children. Our focus is to build family style living environments that not only house orphans but brings them into a loving and safe place to begin their journey towards a bright future. Continuing to build these structures is a large source of our efforts and therefore where much of our donation dollars go towards funding. If you would like to help, please donate to ReclaimKids now.

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While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.
- Angela Schwindt

The mission continues