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Our Story
We have done a lot in a short time.
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Supporting our Cause

You are visiting our website because you believe in helping children and families gain a more stable and healthy future. Our goal is to set up processes and institutions that do just that. From health clinics and schools to orphan housing and food assistance, ReclaimKids is determined to make a difference in the regions we touch. Thank you for your help.

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ReclaimKids Created

Incorporated in the state of Ohio with 501c3 status.

Uganda - Our First Area

Supported orphan students by paying school fees and build an orphan home in Adjumani.

School Expands

ReclaimKids was able to help schools in Kampala become self sufficient and now enrolls 1,000 students.

Focusing on Liberia

Focused our attention on health, education and community.

The Full Story

ReclaimKids was formed in 2005, and is incorporated in the state of Ohio. ReclaimKids has 501c3 status with the IRS. It was founded for the purpose of giving assistance to needy people, primarily in the developing nations. The focus of our efforts is directed at widows and orphans, with the model of attempting to put together family style units. With the motto of giving assistance in areas of Health, Opportunity, Protection and Education, ReclaimKids works to foster HOPE to those locked in grinding poverty and the disassociation caused through war, disease and natural disasters.

Our first area of labor was in Uganda. There we supported orphan students by paying school fees. We housed orphans, first by renting and then we built an orphan home in Adjumani, northern Uganda. ReclaimKids further gave assistance in the areas of health and education by shipping containers of school supplies and health equipment. The school supplies were donated to a primary and secondary school in Kampala, Uganda. This school has since grown to have about one thousand students and has developed into a highly qualified institution, serving the community around it by accepting student of widely varied demographic orientations, including Muslims, Hindus, Christians and varied racial and economic constituents.

Later, with the infrastructure of the work in Uganda strengthened, ReclaimKids shifted their geographic focus to West Africa and the nation of Liberia. The assistance over the past three or four years in Liberia has focused on the areas of health, education and community. ReclaimKids has sent several shipping containers of health equipment, books, school supplies, clothing, shoes, etc. We have given support to a health clinic by providing for a well, water storage, electric generator etc., as well as much needed health equipment, diagnostic equipment and furniture. ReclaimKids provided for the building of a neighborhood youth center as well as providing clothing for children. ReclaimKids has provided one time food assistance in various areas of Liberia. ReclaimKids founded the building of a small library and stocked it with about three thousand books. Dictionaries and school supplies have been provided to schools together with food assistance for the students. We built a duplex home in Bomi Hills, Liberia. This home is now complete and awaiting the children. In the near future we plan to send another container for the clinics, schools, youth center and library. This will provide further medical equipment for the clinics, books for the library and sports equipment for the youth center. We also have provided for equipping a clinic in Guatemala, which will be completed this fall.

Our long term plans (five years) include construction of an operating theater for the clinic, an extension of the library, including computers and additional books, a literacy program, opening of the home for orphans as well as continuing to support the operation of the clinics and schools.

ReclaimKids does not presently have personnel on the ground where we are supporting projects. We monitor our activity overseas through occasional visits and reports from the field.

Before we undertake a project, as in Uganda or Liberia, we require that the organization to receive the funds be legally registered in their country as a Non Government Organization. We do not work in the different location. We agree with the NGO regarding the project, set up accountability with them, and monitor the progress. Basically at this point we are a funding organization, with personal contact within the NGO and structures for accountability of funding. As we grow, our plan is to have ReclaimKids people on the ground to assure that our work is accomplished according to our mission statement. Our present arrangement for communication and accountability is working competently while we are aware of the need for more as funding and projects increase.

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